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Be Prepared...

Are you an 11-17 year old boy or girl?

Being a Scout teaches you how to be independent, how to take responsibility, how to protect your environment, how to contribute to your community and how to be prepared for success!

Our Scout Troop is well-known both in our District and in Gauteng as being a serious competitor in all events and competitions. We meet on a Friday night between 19h30 and 21h30, and often have camps over weekends.

Hike, sail, build and camp, get active, respect your environment, be a leader and team player, be inventive, experience the adventure.

Are you up for the Scouting Challenge? Download: Application For Scout Membership

Please note, due to the high demand experienced for Scouting at the moment, we are having to operate on a waiting list for Cubs and Scouts. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list.